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Trajan® is hosted on privately owned Triad Technology Systems servers. We don't share a server with a thousand other unrelated clients in some server farm in Timbuktu. We have a commercial broadband high-speed connection into our offices where our technicians are in complete control.

Trajan Web Sites
The Trajan content management system is hosted on our servers. We do not host Trajan based web sites on third party servers. Our servers are optimized specifically for Trajan and any accompanying required or optional services.

Optional eMail Accounts
Along with your Trajan powered website, we offer excellent eMail hosting as an optional service. Our eMail service includes Anti-Spam filters and Anti-Virus filters that are updated daily. We also offer web-mail for all email accounts.

Optional FTP Access
In some cases certain files are too large to upload and manage through the Trajan system. In such cases limited FTP access is granted and certain restrictions apply to the account.

Domain Name Management
Triad Technology Systems hosts all Start Of Authority (SOA) primary zones for domain names that we host on our DNS servers. If you manage your own DNS server, we can work with you on how to configure your zone files to point to our servers.

Backups and Administration
We include nightly backups of the Trajan database and all related hosted files. We manage and maintain our servers regularly to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Unix Servers
Our servers run on the Unix operating system. Unix means secure. Unix means reliable. Unix means the top-end professional hosting servers available on the Internet today.

What we don't do:
We do not sell hosting services in general.
We do not allow client access to the servers.
We do not offer services outside of the web-based software applications we write and the required or optional services that accompany those applications.

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