Trajan v3.0        

Trajan® is one of the most powerful, rich content management systems available on the web today. Imagine being in full control of your web site content. Trajan's easy to use interface give you complete control over your site flow, navigation, page content, web forms, and much more.

Content Management
With Trajan, you are in full control of your content. No more costly content updates other web developers charge. You log in, make your changes, and you're done.

Page Creation
Right within the Trajan online application you can add and remove pages on your site.

Site Navigation Control
Trajan supports a dynamic menu based navigation system for your site and best of all, you get to decide how your navigation functions for your site. The order of the links, the link wording, the roll-over text, and what page any given link directs the visitor to.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines use a combination of criterions to determine your site's rankings. These criteria are available for you to update and change to help improve your ranking.

Page Statistics
Every page of your website has a built-in hidden counter for tracking page views

Web Forms
With Trajan web forms, you can add forms to your web site that capture the information you need from your visitors and sends the data to email address(es) of your choice.

There are many new and improved features in version 3.0 including:

WYSIWYG HTML Editor This new editor makes visually editing your site content better than ever. WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What you Get" - so it eliminates the guess work of what your content will look like. Not only do you get the great use of Trajan templates, but now you can easily update your site content in an even friendlier environment.

File Manager The file Upload Center has been replaced with our new File Manager. A robust way to link, track, rename, add and delete files for use in your website.

Draft and Publish The Draft and Publish feature allows you to experiment with changes to your site. You can edit your content, save as a draft, then preview the content in your Trajan template. Finally, once you are satisfied you can publish the changes to your live website. If you make a mistake, no problem! You can revert to the live content at any time during the process of drafting your new content.

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