IT Project Consultancy        

Triad Technology Systems is available on a short term contract basis for IT projects. Whether you need the project analyzed, managed, lead, or a hands-on technician, we can help you.

Project Management
Team leadership and good project management make for a successful IT project. With over 10 years of project management experience, Triad Technology Systems can help you have a strong and successful IT project.

Software Development
With over 10 years of application programming experience we are available for contracted software development projects either to deploy on the desktop or on the web. We write applications in Java, Visual Basic, VB Dot Net, C#, ASP, JSP and PHP. We are software design experts for standardization, layout, flow, GUI design and other font and graphical visuals.

Small Business Networking
We specialize in Windows Active Directory based networks, and Mac OS X Server networks. We also support a variety of Linux based services such as Apache, MySQL, SendMail and others, though we are not Linux specialists.

IT Consultancy
If you are starting a technology project and you need consultation for what to do, how to approach the project, or what to expect, we can help. Triad Technology Systems is not always the right fit for the job because of scale, skillset or specialty. We are happy to work as a consultancy to help you get started on the right foot and in the right direction.

Our on-site project service is for local Portland and Vancover businesses only.

Call us today to discuss your next IT project at 360-606-4268.

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